Two girls leaving their home for various reasons and find themselves in a wood where they encounter sylphs.

User: SDDC
Views: 1,491
Added: May 28, 2012
Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2012
Category: Modern
Keywords: SDDC, unbearable, ethereal
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Overall rating: 4.9
Votes: 78
384 points


#17 SDDC
Throughout this piece and every piece in this performance there were such dynamic stories. Every piece while I watched this live was emotional yet perfect the way everything was conveyed!
#16 Sddc yes
It is just beautiful
omg i love this !! :D
#14 Great
Great job~ definitely a winner <3
#13 great dancing
i believe this video shows just outstanding choreography and lines. GO SDDC!

#12 SDDC
you have my vote!
#11 good luck with the voting
voted 5/5
#10 HateMusic
Incredible talent.
#9 Yay!!!
keep voting!! thank you everybody!!
#8 ethereal
I can keep watching this and never get tired of it! A friend of mine say's it is haunting and I agree.

#7 Ethereal
Unique movement, compelling theme. Wish I could see it in a bigger format or live. I vote #1 fir this one.
#6 Really Nice
Good Luck ladies : )
#5 Go SDDC!!
#4 Latte's mom
Good luck you guys! :)
#3 SDDC!
Vote for us!!!!

#2 Awesome
Beautiful, I love it.
Awesome piece! Great job! :)
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