Afternoon - Better Version

Taylor Bradley Roswell City Dance Age 15 Contemporary Solo Choreography: Travis Wall

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Overall rating: 3.9
Votes: 14
55 points


#7 Soo good
Great job! Only 15 - can't wait to see more.
#6 amazin!
this is my fave video so far ive watched it like a million times and its still so incredible. u r a very gifted person and ur technique is purty much perfect loved it :)
#5 You are so good.
Great Lines. Good control
#4 =]
you are really good!! i enjoy your videos....keep up the good work!
#3 hey boy hey
taylor you got a good shot..hopefully youll get chosen..youve got my vote! =)

#2 You're amazing!!
Love all your vids!! Keep posting...
#1 Very Good!!
You are very talented. You have beautiful lines, jumps control, and Extension. One thing though watch your second turns. Try to keep your leg at the same height at all times.
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