"Degas Dances"

Ballet Pixelle© is a ballet company that performs in virtual and physical space. This original ballet "Degas Dances", was schoreographed by Innara Saarinen with music by Kurt Bestor. The dancers are from all over the world and they manipulate their avatars to dance with each other and the music in real time. Our goal is to explore and extend physical and virtual dance and movement and to blend those realities. We present neo-classical, contemporary, and eclectic works with all original animations, choreography, and musical scores. The works are presented in real-time with virtual/digital dancers, musicians, physical dancers, and audiences from all over the world. The Company is in its sixth year and works in the global digital community called Second Life®.

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Overall rating: 4.3
Votes: 17
73 points


#6 Inspired!
I love the clarity of the lines of what Ballet Pixelle are trying to achieve - even through animation the ballet aesthetic is not lost! . . . and the music is delightful too!!!
#5 Beautiful and creative!
The music is beautiful, and the concept is just brilliant!
#4 Breathtaking!!!
One of my favorite ballets that Inarra has choreographed, and there are many favorites I have I might add:)I LOVE BALLET PIXELLE!!!!
#3 Very innovative
I especially liked Act 2.
#2 Ballet Pixelle in Second Life
I have been to all of the presentations in Second Life since I arrived there. Each is so unique. Masterpieces. Bravo Innara!

#1 "Degas Dances"
This machinima (video or film made in a real-time, 3D virtual environment) is by Geoffrey Unsworth. He has done several other machinimas for Ballet Pixelle including "one nine four two" (
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