Kissing You

Arrhythmia Dance Company

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2012
Category: General
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Overall rating: 3.9
Votes: 15
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#4 hey joe
Look I'm Voting, So now can my Facebook news feed not be blown up by you asking people to vote lol jk. I admire your passion for chasing the things you want. So not exactly the cleanest but I understand whats going on. The Choreography is beautiful and and you have talented dancers. Don't listen to the people who comment negatively it's always the people who don't post their work . Aside from the issues mentioned prior you can find a million positive things to say about this. A Fan
#3 :)
I'm sorry you feel that way. Not that I need to explain myself however, I created this piece a few days before the original deadline so I worked with what I had in the time given. Seeing as this is a choreography contest a knowledgeable dance professional could see past the timing and other issues I admit are in the video. Not a joke but thank you for your insightful criticisms.
#2 Um
this is a joke right
#1 Dance
sorry but this is horrible, the boy falls flat to the floor at one point. just a big mess
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