Choreographer-Jason Ambrose The piece tells a story of the struggle of seven prisoners in a Jewish concentration camp. Throughout the piece they are oppressed by the shackles that bind their wrist together but in a climatic moment their cries for help and need for freedom cause them to break free of their chains and escape only in the end to see their friend, number 7, does not make it out. Dancers- Jennifer Lacy, Laura Watkins, Erin Nifong, Madeline Fusco, Aysia Polluck, Emily Clendinin, Victoria Hamilton

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Overall rating: 4.6
Votes: 25
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#5 Seven
Great work.
#4 Seven
I LOVED this piece!You Better Dance...
#3 seven
fabulous teacher and amazing choreographer!!
#2 Seven
#1 Seven by Jay Ambrose
He is a fabulous Teacher and choreographer. Our girls learned much from him.
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