shake it out.

an excerpt from, "breakable." choreographed by; marinda davis. danced by; marInspired; the storytellers. tommy scrivens. stephanie noble. walker redick. danielle coleman. miguel angel quinones III. gabrielle ursomanno. allison sale. wyatt rocker. emily brown. lucy spring. zoey anderson. jarred bosch. justine capria. jamie baptist. jaclyn baker. amanda serrano. nicole stone. amanda tarantino. taylor ryan. stephanie cariddi.

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Overall rating: 4.9
Votes: 123
599 points


#29 When dance surpassed performance
Ah, I was there! So lucky, so lucky me!
#28 Extraordinary
Love it. Inspirational. Breathtaking.
#27 Exceptional
What exuberant and passionate work. Beautiful.
#26 breathtaking...
there aren't enough explosive adjectives to do justice to what this is. Dancing, love, passion, energy, choreography...the complete deal.
I loved this piece. The choreographer is one of the most talented choreographers in the business. Congratulations to all who are involved with this piece.

#24 Wonderful....
Just great - truly inspiring!!
#23 tears of joy
absolutely brilliant!
#22 Powerful
Amazing and Powerful choreography and dancing
#21 Brilliant!
#20 Beautiful Artistry
The story, the the talent, the choreography and the overall artistry were all very touching and just beautiful to watch!

#19 amazing!
after all this time, watching marinda grow as an artist, i'm still marInspired! so proud and honored to be a viewer to such brilliance
What an amazing beautiful story. This is one of the most moving pieces that I have ever viewed. CONGRATS choreographer and dancers!
#17 Beautiful!
Great choreography, dancing, and excellent song choice :)
#16 You better...
#15 The BEST I've Seen!
This in remarkable, congratulations you will surely have greet success.

#14 So inspirational!
I loved the energy and skill emanating from this piece, and the choreography was fresh and inspiring. Passion at its finest.
I <3 you Marinda! This is amazing! xoxox
#12 Incredible
this is my favorite dance to watch and i wish i could be in it!
#11 Visionary
Thanks for reminding us what it's all about.....
#10 Jaw dropping
As a musician, Marinda constantly floors me with her musicality, attention to detail, and storytelling. This company is such a rarity.

#9 Artists
Conceptually brilliant. Executed with raw emotion and solid technique. What artists!
Had the pleasure of seeing this live in January. Everyone around me was laughing and crying at the same time!
#7 WOW
What an incredibly original take on this. Stunning!!!
#6 Awesome
Amazing show. So happy I was able to experience it live!!!
#5 wow
beautiful...inspiring....powerful... wish i could have seen it live!

#4 Beautiful!!
Love it!!!
Beautiful choreography and beautiful dancers!
#2 Love it!!
Absolutely amazine!!!
#1 Yes yes and did I mention yes
Brill. I believe it...that ending gave me chills. Storytellers are "doing it" for me
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