“Will You Be There"

Robert Taylor Jr, (a.k.a. ‘The WoOoOo Man) - SYTYCD (season 8) has choreographed his first contemporary piece to represent love, peace, energy, positivity, and awareness as a people to be there for one another. The choreography was inspired by Michael Jackson as well as the people dancing IN the piece.

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#13 Will You Be There
#12 A Master Piece for some Massive Peace
We as a nation need to look pass Race,Color,Backround,Religion and Sexuality and see the world for what it is... Our Home. Music is the Key to Happiness and Long lasting Memories. MJ may have written this song... But Mr. Robert Taylor Jr. Profected it . He is a true Professional Entertainer that I have watched grow into a Master Choreographer. I really hope he wins this contest, not just for him.. but for the Nation. Your Homie for Life @PlayboyLove03 #AimForTheSky
Good luck ... this is AMAZING!!
#10 Amazing!!!
WOooOoo man got it going on :) simply beautiful
#9 woooooooo
you are awesome!

#8 this is lovely
That was lovely. Nice to see a dance for peace. Thank you for sharing the love Robert
#7 RTJ Talented WOooOoo
I followed him all the way through SYTYCD and am glad to see him growing as a dancer. Thank you, Wooo Man for sharing your talents and the dancing talent of others! I hope you win so more people can see this dance!
#6 Great bro
This is cool.
#5 This is the most amazing dance!
I love this dance SO MUCH!!! good luck hope you win!
#4 This is amazing
This is to beautiful I LOVE THIS!!!!!!! this is awesome

#3 This made me cry
This dance is so beautiful! wish you lot's of luck
#2 MJ Is Smiling From Above
Love seeing the children as a part of this dance. It adds so much to the meaning! I hope you are able to do this dance many times in front of many audiences! Good luck!
#1 Love the Energy Here
BEAUTIFUL choreography and genuine emotions that tell a powerful story through movement. This piece is dedicated to represent love, peace, energy, positivity, and awareness as a people to be there for one another. Choreographed by Robert - but inspired by Michael Jackson and the people dancing IN the piece.
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