This piece is apx. 12:30 full length, so this is a VERY partial look at the dance and overall story. Please keep this in mind when viewing/voting, and feel free to e-mail me if you would ever like to see the full piece (which should have no influence on this competition or voting), or for any further information- GinaFoxhoven@yahoo.com. Please forgive the dark lighting, this was the only video available. Thanks for watching, please vote! Title: "bane." Choreography: Gina Marie Foxhoven Music: Music box recording, excerpts from the soundtrack "Drag Me To Hell," and "Unstoppable" by E.S. Posthumus

Views: 7,244
Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2012
Category: General
Keywords: Gina Marie Foxhoven bane ACE Capezio Awards 2012
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Overall rating: 5.0
Votes: 194
962 points


#42 Bane
Unique and wanting to see more. CAR RAV
#41 Bane
Gina, a great display of imagination and creativity. Continue strong in the pursuit of your dream. Your talent will certainly be recognized with this production. You've made everyone super proud. U ROBERT/A CARRIE
#40 BANE
That was INTENSE. well-executed.
#39 Bane
That was so beautiful & so are you. Mary (Edmiston) Legate
#38 Super Creative!
This was awesome, we're sure you will win!

#37 Wow
Super Creative! A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
#36 Bane
#35 Awesome
Good job Gina!
#34 Bane
This is great Gina. I wish I had some of this talent! Keep up the great work, I would like to see more.
#33 Wow Gina
Your mom sent this, I was more than happy to vote. Good luck! This is very exciting!

#32 bane
#31 Hecks yeah
Goo job boo.
#30 Hells ya!
Good jOb Gina proud of you girl
#29 beautiful
creepy and gorgeous! Well done ladies.
#28 bane
Amazing! So happy I came across this.

#27 niiiice
#26 cool
Not sure that I have seen anything like this...but its pretty awesome!
#25 stunning!
This is stunning. Absolutely stunning. Also kinda scary....but intriguing.
#24 Bane
#23 bane

#22 Bane
#21 Bane
Very Good.
#20 Bane
Gina..omg.. This is amazing!!
#19 BANE
Proud of u GIna!!! amazing piece!
#18 dANG
Amazing job Gina!

#17 yeeeaaaa!
#16 Bane
Love it Gina! Amazing work!!!
#15 Bane
#14 WOW!
This is soooooooooo GOOD! :D
#13 Bane
Awesome job, as always, Gina! Your piece is stunning and emotional. Keep up the great work!

#12 seriously.
That was no joke. My heart was pounding and I definitely wan't to see the whole piece. Amazing.
#11 Wow!
#10 Great job as usual!
Gina is so creative. I have enjoyed every piece I have seen her do.
The one and only- Gina Marie Foxhoven
#8 Bane
Very Unique! Loved the creativity!

#7 Sooo good.
Thank you for sharing your dance! It is so nice and well thought out. Great dancers, unique vision, great execution. This dance BETTER be selected to compete! It is one of the best I've watched out of all the 70+ dances uploaded!!
#6 It was awesome
This dance was not only very creative and innovative, but used a great deal of technique in the dance. I love great technique in a dance and this one is a breath of fresh air. I was beginning to think that using technique was a dying art. Thanks
#5 Awesome
I loved this!!
#4 Bane
I am curious where the music is from. Loved the dance. Wish I could see in person.
#3 Bane
Such a unique dance! Definately its own genre and you never know what is coming next! Keeps you on the edge of your seat.

#2 Bane.
Love. This. Beautiful mind...
#1 Damn.
Damn. So different and dark. Stands out among the rest! unique choreography and mind behindthis one...I want to see the full dance now!
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