Starburst (Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture!!) - the sparkle edition!

Check out the AMAZING flashing lights on my costume and the sparkles added in through the "magic" of dvd editing! (Costume design, dvd design, choreography and dancing by Kira Seamon)...I tried to depict the fun, joy and excitement that I feel during a fireworks show on the 4th of July!...The black shrug I wear could be imagined as the night sky and the flashing lights I sewed around my wrists could represent the fireworks. I created a "starburst" movement (flinging arms gleefully overhead), which I also varied, in that I sometimes did little firework "explosions" with only my hands involved. (seen during the bourree section). The dance ends as firework shows often do, with one last burst that gently glitters down to earth. AMAZINGLY fun to dance!!!!... (Possible nicknames I thought up for this dance could include: Flash n' Dash, Twinkle Toes or Light up the Stage) - Thank you for watching!

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#5 New Nickname!!!
How about "Sparkler"? :) I REALLY Love this music!!! :)
#4 "Ballet with a BANG!!"
New nickname!!!!! How about: "Ballet with a Bang"? Thank you for watching!!!
#3 Another nickname!!!
How about: "Lights!...Canons!...Action!!"? What can I say? I just love this music so much. It puts me in a happy mood. Thank you, Kira :)
#2 I thought of a new nickname!!!
How about: "Ballet with Canons"? I think that is really funny! Thank you all for watching my video :)
#1 Other videos!!!
Thank you for watching!...Don't forget to see these: "Geisha Ballerina" (beautiful music from Memoirs of a Geisha)"Beautiful Ballerina" (my gentle pointe video where I dance to my own piano recording of Chopin, then see me play it!)"Ciao, Baby!" (my fun pas de deux video, now close to 6,000 views!!!)"Balletball" (see what happens when you add Mozart + Ballet + Football!!!)
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