“The Weight of the Room”, an excerpt from “siGHt” by Kimmie Dobbs Chan & Enoch Chan, performed by DEVIATED THEATRE

DEVIATED THEATRE’s favorite catch phrase depart from the norm is used as a license to pioneer. Co-Directors Kimmie Dobbs Chan and Enoch Chan compose modern fairytales, performed through seamless operas of movement that interweave contemporary dance and circus skills with storytelling. The Washington Post has dubbed DEVIATED THEATRE “an out-of-the-ordinary collection of performers”(2008), with “hypnotic multidisciplinary dance pieces”(2011), and described the Chans’ creations as having a “rich movement palette” that is both “strangely spare and incredibly effective” (2012). This is an excerpt from "siGHt", which was originally commissioned by the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and premiered on the Millennium Stage [2011]. The full length story of siGHt unfolds around a family of three: mom, pop, and a young daughter who is visited one evening by specters bearing an urgent message for her family. An unthinkable tragedy ensues, yet hope and magic have been there all along… if only the daughter could get her parents to see. This excerpt shares a moment between Mom and Pop towards the conclusion of the full work. The room is dense with ghosts, emotions, and the weight of the moment. [video submitted by Choreographer, Kimmie Dobbs Chan]

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#1 siGHT
I have seen this production several times at The Dance Place in Maryland, The Kennedy Center in Washington DC, The Baltimore Theater Project, etc.. Every time I see it it gets better and better. As for the audience, I notice the excitement that reflects from them and their desire to que close to the cast. Gonzo
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