Madysen Felber "Stretch"

This is of Madysen Felber performing at the YAGP NYC Finals in April 2010. Piece is titled Stretch and it was choreographed by Suzanne Saltmarsh of saltmarshDANCE.

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#2 Dedication!
Thanks again bunhead3333! Madysen was probably more nervous in the ballet video as the music was started early making her rush onto the stage and "catch up". She is totally 150% dedicated! She has been dancing since she was 3 years old and hopes to dance with a company after she graduates next year! Thanks for your kind words!
#1 Beautiful!
Your "Stretch" is beautiful both literally and physically!Be careful that your neck doesn't disappear.I liked your hands in this piece better as you gave them more expression.Were you more nervous in the other piece because it is more exacting technically?Sometimes your hands looked like "spoons" in the ballet piece. I can see that when you are more relaxed you hold your hands more elegantly. You are a beautiful dancer who will go far if she chooses to be totally dedicated! You go girl!
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