Hayden Hopkins Student Choreography

10 year old Hayden Hopkins.... "Silent Night" By Lisa Hannigan Self Choreographed

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Overall rating: 4.7
Votes: 17
80 points


#14 awesome!
great job! u did really good for being so young! = )
#13 10yrs old
omg your awesome for 10 years old hayden great we love you from rhode Island
#12 Encouraged!
Again, sooo lovely! Wow, you are very talented and expressive beyond your years.
I am so jealous of you!!! How are you so darn amazing? I love watching you dance =)
#10 wow
i love this dance it really fits together and your extensions are very good it's amazing to think that a 10 year old coegraphed that

#9 I am so impressed
You are so expressive through your moves!!! WOW! All i can say is you have a great contemporary dance career ahead of you (:
#8 to bananared :)
Thank you. I'm from the Seattle area :)
#7 Really nice choreography
Wonderful dancer - very bright future. Great choreography! Transitions were a little choppy but hey, way better than any 10 year old choreographer I know. Nice extentions.
#6 Cool routine
I love this song and love this dance! Where are you from?
#5 WOW
excellent job. lots of potential! keep strong:)

#4 =]
omg! this is really good r u seriously 10 years old and choreographed that dance it is amazing. i can't believe it. =] great job! you have a lot of talent!
#3 Whoa
Nice job on this dance. Nice to see someone so young be so creative.
#2 Beautiful Hayden
5 points! How could I not? 10 years old and choreographing? Amazing.
I love this dance. Awesome job!
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