The Barnard College Department of Dance presents... SENIOR CREATIVE THESIS CONCERT And the day seems to have become one with the night and it seems like death has become life for me and the beating of my heart appears on the screen like a constant straight line and the time that you unwillingly stopped seems like it has been double as harsh on my face and has changed me And I feel the fear in my chest bitter like left over coffee in a cup and I see the light in the room of my mind turning off little by little every day and in the mirror my face changes and becomes a different face, that I do not recognize and it scares me I feel paralyzed I feel like I am losing absolutely everything as though I am going to school for the first time, August and in my heart the temperature is minus 2 I feel paralyzed the breaks squeak, the horn screams the bus brushes past me and I in the thought that I will have to live longer without you feel paralyzed And I see my life like a big wall erected at the end of the street and the voices of children in the school yard sound like a requiem to me and the road that once took me outside the door of your house no longer exists

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