*Piece excerpted to meet the time limit* "Freedom of expression is the matrix, the indispensable condition, of nearly every other form of freedom." 'Free' was inspired by the above quote from Justice Benjamin Cardozo. The piece is about letting go of fear (represented by the back wall), and finding the courage and strength to express yourself. I tried to choreograph to each dancer's strength, and pull out what is truly unique and special about each of them. I cannot thank them enough for their dedication to this piece. Thank you for watching! Choreographer: Chelsey Dahm

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2012
Category: Performance
Keywords: chelsey dahm free
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Overall rating: 5.0
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#15 Inspiring!
Love this piece! It's intense and sensitive at the same time and really draws you in!
#14 Free Video
What a great job and the choreography was fantastic. Must be all of the talented genes from your Mom!
#13 So Beautiful!!
This is a beautiful peice Chelsey! I hope you are able to make it to New York, I know you will do well! Congrats on a great peice!
#12 awesome
really awesome work!! 5 stars for sure - Tom Cote
#11 I love this piece!
It really moves me and I'm glad I found it on here.

#10 W/O tables and chairs
Such exquisite movements and ranges of motion. This artist at such a young age is already rivaling the artistic work Cafe Muller. Ms. Dahm can choreograph in my studio anytime.
#9 Awesome
Good job and good luck. Rick
#8 amazing!
hey chelsey it's ashlyn! I love this dance so much! it's awesome!!!
#7 Moved
I don't claim to be an expert in dance, but I'm always mesmerized and moved when I watch what Chelsey has created. It's magic to convey emotion through movement, and I feel it every time.
#6 Bravo
Terrific and to be expected of Chelsey's style and dancers.

#5 Wonderful
I think this was a great set and piece. And they were having a good expression out of this dance. It's something that will win with alot of people out there in dance.
#4 Bravo Brava
This is such a wonderful piece filled with such talented dancers and powerful choreography. I love the use of space from center stage, to the back walls and even into the audience. Great choice of music too. It is such a moving piece. Makes me want to watch this performance over and over again. Well done Chelsey.
#3 Unique!
Inspired and original - the movement really compliments the music.
#2 Chelsey Dahm Choreography
This is a beautiful design. Loved the use of wall 7 for movement. Enjoyed the solo dancer at the end. Could have watched her DS for longer...1/4 turn, move 1/2 turn/ move exit US for return.
#1 Beautiful!!
This piece is beautiful and moving, the choreography is exceptional!
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