Dust Bowl-choreographer Liz Schmidt

Dust Bowl is a contemporary piece choreographed by Liz Schmidt featuring dancers from Spotlight Dance Works. The work is set to Mumford & Sons and reflects the frustration, displacement and hopelessness of America in the 1930's.

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2012
Category: Performance
Keywords: Capezio ACE Awards Liz Schmidt
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Overall rating: 4.8
Votes: 143
690 points


#30 Dust Bowl
Everything is perfect in portraying the concept.
#29 Remarkable
This is just gorgeous.
#28 Stunning
Liz Schmidt has captured the heartache and desperation of the Depression in this dance.
I love it so much. The choreography is beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes. Much love for Spotlight! xoxo
#26 Bravo

#25 Dust Bowl
Such passion that perfectly captures the strength, despair, frustration and raw beauty of such a painful time. Perfect. Dance that puts its audience in such a vulnerable position to feel everything from the music and the dancers deserves recognition. Period.
#24 Beautiful
I seriously love this dance so much. It's so moving. Beautiful!!
#23 Amazing
The choreography is brilliant and the dancers are absolutely beautiful technically and emotionally. So good!
#22 Truly amazing!
I could feel the emotion from each dancer! That is the true sign of a wonderful choreographer!
#21 BRAVO! CAPTIVATING choreography and perf
They have our vote for sure! Intensity, storytelling, emotion, technique this is the whole package!!!

#20 Genius
Liz is not only talented as a choreographer but is a true inspiration to so many! This piece is both emotionally and technically breathtaking.
#19 Beautiful
Liz is one of the most talented choreographers out there. I love this piece more than I can say. It is amazing, and I love every second of it.
#18 power and grace
Breathtaking synchronicity, flawless technique, emotive, powerful, elegant, fierce....
#17 Dust Bowl
Very powerful piece. This is what dance is all about peeps!
Can't watch this dance enough~amazing choreography and dancers!! Bravo LIz!!!!

#15 dust bowl
reminded me of how much i miss my daughter
#14 Great work!
We love your work Miss Liz and we are blessed to have you share your gift with our kids!
#13 Flawless
Liz, this piece is absolutely gorgeous! Everything you touch turns to gold !
#12 Amazing
This is brilliant
#11 Obvious finalist
Genius choreography, properly trained technical dancers, raw emotion, intensity, great storyline....its the full package!!

#10 Dust Bowl
#9 Beautiful
What beautiful choreography!
#8 Absolutely Beautiful!
Wow, fantastic choreography! The over-all image and message is beautiful! Captivating!
#7 AMAZING!!!!
Good Luck Liz!! You are so talented and have a God-given gift not only for choreography but also mentoring children.
#6 Love.
So beautiful, another amazing piece from an incredible choreographer.

#5 Inspiring and Thought Provoking
The story is vividly expressed. love, love, love it.
#4 Amazing!!
Truly amazing choreography, and you can just feel the emotion given off by these gifted dancers!
#3 Dust Bowl
This dance captures the essence of the music and it's message. It is truly a beautiful piece.
I love this dance, choreography, and these people so much!
#1 Gorgeous
Took my breath away!
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