Stepping out of the Frame - Part 6

A film by Hélène Faucherre This film is above all the result of careful observation and a will to listen to what was happening and the people involved, throughout the ten days of the international Prix de Lausanne 99 dance competition. The main aim of this documentary is to highlight the variety of possible approaches to teaching dance and to show all the little "nothings" that contribute to building up the teacher-pupil relationship. As the film progresses, various personalities emerge, each approaching the many movements and styles in a different manner, and thereby stimulating reflection about the training of professional dancers and about the art of transmitting knowledge and passion. This film is intended both for confirmed dance enthusiasts and for reticent novices who little by little allow themselves to be carried away by the tide of emotion, tension and humour emerging from various scenes of the film. There is a fascinating contrast between the fierce determination and the extreme youthfulness of these would-be professionals.

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