Sleeping Beauty-Victoria Sames

Chesapeake Ballet Company,2012 spring ballet production of Sleeping Beauty Act 1--Victoria Sames(17)

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#2 I think this deserves a higher rating! :
First of all, you have very good stage presence. :) Second, I like the delicate way you use your arms; I did notice though that your upper body at times appears a little tense (don’t we all have that problem sometimes?) but just relax it a little and I think that your port de bras will shine more. I will warn you upfront that I am no technician, but I think there are a few things that could continue to improve your variation (like the saying goes, “art is never finished, only abandoned”)…
#1 (cont.)
(cont.)... I think you could accent some of your movements a little more- get into arabesque, attitude, and developpe a little quicker and then hold the pose a little longer. Also, you could perhaps take more time with the port de bras, sometimes they seem a little bit hurried. Finally, continue to work on strengthening your legs and ankles and turning out your retires a little more in your pique turns. But, good luck, keep working, and, by all means, keep dancing. I wish you the best! :)
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