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#8 Really great work!
They were great and u have great legs to do fouettes. Just bring your foot to passe' better!:) Good Job
#7 great turns!
wow you are great! i agree to be careful not to fling your leg, and bring it back in to your knee better
#6 cute!
i liked it, great turns
#5 amazing
my teacher doesnt really work with us on them so when i see great turns im amazed just 1 suggestion try not to fling your foot out and try to point your toes it was amazing!!!
#4 Really good!
but try to keep your foot connected to your knee more!!

#3 wow
your fouttes look waaaaaaay better than mine. mine are horrendous, but i'm working on it.
#2 Pretty Good
I agree with tippytoes that you have the concept down and you do fling your foot out. I would also add to try to keep your arms solid because a few times they also fling out, but overall, good job!
#1 nice
You have the concept of fouettes and they look nice. But, you kind of fling your foot out. Just work on that and they will look wonderful!
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