Jeanine Mason - Dance Spirit Cover Model Search 2008 entrant

Jeanine Mason - 2008 Dance Spirit Cover Model Search entrant

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#10 ok
alright she's obviously a really good dancer, but nothing about her stands out to me. i know so many dancers who have so much more passion and quality when they dance. i know 13 year olds who could school her in a dance room. that is what i hate about the show, there's so much talent out there and they only give so many people a chance to show it. this season sucked, the losers from past seasons were better than the winner of this one.
#9 Great
You are amazing I am so excited for you! I will be at the dallas tour show it's on my b-day!!
#8 Sytycd!
Jeanine, you're insane! You're my favorite on the show to ;)! I hope you win!
#7 So You Think You Can Dance?!
I love the first dance especially, your music and musicality were fabulous. The clarity of your technique and your style inspired me. I think you should audition for So You Think You Can Dance so we can see more of you.I love your controlled balances and the choreography.
#6 Jeanine!
get it girl with the arabesque in the beginning!

#5 Georgous
I love your dancing and choice of songs! i could watch you dance for hours! THis is REAL dancing!
#4 ur
a very strong dancer very sharp with ur movements which makes the routine even more intense!! great job
#3 tango
beautiful! and i had to smile as soon as the song started .. moulin rouge!
#2 Beautiful technique
I love that you are such a strong technical dancer who also expresses passion through each move. I love to see modern dancers who move away from the self-indulgent to the technically sound. Beautiful!
#1 i think
the first peice was awesome. you're a good dancer-very musical. ^_^
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