Gamzatti Ballet Variation

Gamzatti Variation, La bayadere me June,2008

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#5 beautiful
a great performance
#4 Good Job
Overall nice work here. I would suggest, though, that you try to soften your hands a bit and animate your face more. Connecting with the audience makes all the difference! P.S. I loved the lighting effects in the beginning with the shadow of the dancer in the background. So cool!
#3 ...continued
Elbows up in first position on pique turns. Don't get lobster hands in fourth position of arms in double pique turns. Finish your de tournant before releasing the leg. Don't let your arms take your upper body forward on jetes. Your legs are beautiful in the jete. Really arch your back and hike that leg up in final arabesque. Try to hold that position for a second longer, then come down. In general, I would have liked to have seen some more presentation through use of face and upper body.
#2 Definitely Coming Along :-)
Your start was fabulous. In attitude turns with your arms in fifth, really think about your arms pulling you in whatever direction they are going in, as for every arm position. Really travel your pas de valses. Stick the end of your attitude turns before going on with the dance; in general, finish whatever movement you're doing before continuing on. Try to have more "floaty" runs to Corner 8. Don't let your top arm get too wavey and behind you in 3rd arabesque before the turning section.
#1 Well...
Your arms need to be a little stronger and you need to point your feet all the time, not just in a turn or leap
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