Girls just wanna have fun!

An exciting and ever evolving female jazz dance full of rhythm, syncopation, passion from the heart. Stepped to the rhythm of Bamboo Banga, the females brings energy and life to all those that were in the audience. Girls just having fun!

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Keywords: Orange High School girls jazz dance
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Overall rating: 4.7
Votes: 15
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#8 Great!!
WHO is the girl with the PONCHO? Great JOB!!! LEGS ARE STRAIGHT & foot is FLAT!!
#7 Well Done!!
AWESOME!!! I sooooo LOVE the KICKLINE!!! <3
#6 The Best
Awesome, the best dance i've seen so far!
this dance is wounderful
#4 Great!
omg you girls look fantastic you look like you are having fun great job!.

#3 Amazing !!!!!!!
i love this piece , it looks like all the girls are having fun ! i love the formations & the KICKLINE is my favorite ! ;]
#2 orange high
terrific go school !!!!
#1 Wonderful
This dance was absolutely amazing. All of the dancers are in sync with each other and everyone looks like they are enjoying the dance. Thats why I got accepted into Morgan State University, and I will continue to dance.
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