Sophie Miklosovic, Moonchild Age:11 Dance Spirit Cover Model Search

Choreographed by Lauren Adams

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Event: 2012 Dance Spirit Cover Model Search
Category: Modern
Keywords: Sophie Miklosovic
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#9 Well she looks 15!!
Everyone says she looks and dances 15 or older!!
Love to watch her-unbelieveable 11 year old.
#7 Another Fantastic Dance!
I just love watching you dance, the feeling and power that burst out of your performances is breathtaking! Keep on dancing, the future is bright!
#6 ARTISTRY & MUSICALITY beyond her years
Don't think I've seen such artistry in a young dancer before. If she dances like this at age 11 her future is bright. Glad to hear she is focusing on ballet training now.
Please post her contemporary point she won NUVO/DJpick & qualified for nyc yagp with. Her artistry has always been amazing and now since going all ballet her pointe work has progressed to match!

#4 Beautiful-amazing 11 year old!
She is stunning and has so much potential.
#3 Been watching her for years--yes she is
Love watching her on stage or in convention classes. Enchanting!!
#2 WHAT 11?
She is gorgeous and dances like a TEEN---is she really only 11?
What potential this dancer has. I lost myself in her performance. So young to be performing at this level.
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