Held Captive

This is my contemporary piece and I am searching for a better life. I am being held captive in a world that I choose and I am attempting to break free!

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Congrats Paige, you look great...I love this piece. Luv u my Beta Baby... Mama Gwen
#28 Paige
Great Job! Beta Sis :)I'm proud of you,keep up the good work!!!
#27 Proud!!!
That was a great dance! I'm proud to have you as my little Beta sister. You're going to go on to do great things! I love you!!!!
Good Luck with everything Paigey Wagey. This was great if I must say. I aspire to mimick your works. You deserve the scholarship and everything. Best of luck to you. You truly deserve it with the way you dance. I'll try to help in anyway if I can, but yeah I'm going to hop off. Great Job:) Great Piece:) Good Dancing:) I hope to see you recieve this scholarship.
Loved it!!! <3 Beta Phi Sis -Beta Tude

#24 Great !!!
i think you did great and your going to go far with your dancing congrads and i lnow you will win :)
#23 :)
Thumbs up. I hope u win and get to NYC!
#22 Proud of You!
Your Beta Phi family supports you 100%. We are so proud to call you one of our own. Keep working hard and you'll definitely go far. Your talent is amazing!
#21 Beautiful!
You move with such grace and elegance...awesome job! Mrs. Walker
#20 Kudos!!!
Good job Paige! But remember volleyball comes first! lol. Just kidding, stay focused and continue to work hard. Proud of you! Coach Bynum

#19 Indescribable
No words can be said about the passion behind this dance.... you really are a well rounded dancer and I hope that you go far! :)
#18 Awesome
Hi Paige- I saw your video, and thought it was awesome, Bravo! I went to high school, in Park Forest, with your Dad and Aunt. Good Luck to you in all of your endeavors. You have such a bright future ahead... Marla Dillard-Lemons
A truly passionate performance.
You are truly gifted continue to follow your dreams
#15 Paige White
Paige, I am so proud of you. What a God given talent you have. I can't wait to see you perform with the Alvin Ailey Dancers!!!!!!! Love you Aunt Marian

#14 Paige White
You are my granddaughter and you fill my heart with your passion and determination to be the best. I am so proud of you. I love you more than the stars in the sky.BW
you look so peaceful and looks like you i\enjoy what you are doing. keep your head up and follow our dreams and keep GOD FIRST and he will direct your and take you all the way.. from ENA's daughter
#12 Beautiful
Keep up the great work you demonstrate a lot of passion!You will be successful.
Paigey Waigey!! This is amazinggg!!! *snaps*
#10 GREAT!!
Beautiful performance sis. You're going somewhere. Love, Lil Bro

#9 A die hard fan of modern dance
Dear Paige, I am a New Yorker and a die-hard fan of modern dance. (I live in the neighborhood of the Alvin Ailey dance co./center.) You certainly have what it takes. WONDERFUL, wonderful, wonderful!! All best wishes, Ruth Heit, NYC
#8 Your Grandmother, Blanche, was right!!
Ms. Paige: You are TALENTED, honey! Beautiful dancing. As your grandma once told me "Don't settle for the treetop when the sky is your limit!" Dance on, girl! Beautiful!! And congratulations on how far you've already come! LaShonda K. Barnett
#7 Awesome!
#6 Beautiful
..I am so proud to have you as my bestfriend in the whole wide world. I just cried this was AMAZING bestfriend. I love you so much,and God has great things coming from you xoxo, Carl
#5 Wonderful
Paige this is fantastic - wish you luck, know you can do it -Peyton

#4 Simply Wonderful
Paige, This is simply wonderful and we are praying for the absolute best on all God will do through you in your gift of dance. The Collier-Clardy Family
#3 Paige!
Great job Paige! Keep up the great work and I hope you win!!!
You are a beautiful dancer, great job PAIGE. Love You, Aunt Karen
#1 Breathtaking !!
Absolutely breathtaking performance.....it brought tears to my eyes...it was so moving !!!
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