Sophie Miklosovic Age:11 Ballet Scholarship Contestant

Variation from Walpurgis Night

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Added: January 18, 2012
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#13 Congratulations on your SCHOLARSHIPS!
You were one of my top picks!!
#12 I'd give her a scholarship!!!
Bravo bravo!
#11 A Clear winner!
I can't see anyone else more deserving of the ballet scholarship than Sophie. Such talent in one so young can only benefit from professional instruction and experience!!! A definite winner in my eyes!
Well she is my pick for a ballet scholarship. Incredibly strong young dancer.
Great job Sophie and congratualations on qualifying this for NYC YAGP. Where is that contemporary point solo that is also going to NYC. It is hard to have artistry on point especially at this young age--yet you do! BRAVO

#8 Pre-competitve YAGP Qualified!
Congratulations sweet Sophie on your progress since just focussing on ballet Fall 2011! Keep taking all your corrections. We love watching you perform you bring such joy and emotion to the stage at such a young age!
#7 YES she really is 11!!!!!!
Well hello storey02 new Queen of England! Yes, everyone is always amazed at her young age but we have been following her for years and birth certificates are required!! She is a 6th grader and her age is well documented at events. Now we just focus on her improvement and the poise she brings to her performances. She just started focusing on ballet this fall---qualified for yagp NYC. We will keep watching her for sure!!
#6 Uh-huh?
Kudos! Mad dance skills...but.. If you are 11, I am the Queen of England!
#5 Love watching her . . .
Sophie is a sweet girl we have been watching her dance in for years. So elegant, strong, she is such a pleasure to watch. My daughter says she is amazing to watch in convention classes too and really nice. Good luck Sophie now that you are focussing on just ballet.
Wow, what potential. Checked her out on youtube and she was 10 last year when she performed. What are they feeding her. She has beautiful movement quality for one so young.

#3 Saw her at YAGP
Her solos were amazing at Yagp a few weeks ago. You should post her contemporary solo too. We thought we were watching a Teen dancer not a junior!! So poised on stage!
#2 only AGE 11 WOW!!
Such strong presentation and only 11!
So good already and you just started training in september!
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