This is a lesser known/performed Kitri variation.

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#13 I like it
I enjoy watching, i think you are a good dancer. However, pay attention to the comments below, you need to give life to the interpretacion and fortress your legs on chaines and soutenus. Keep dancing :)
i think it would look really nice if you would turn out some more....and add some more life in it!
#11 Nice
Good! Straighten your legs and loosen up! Nice and beautiful job!
#10 straighten your legs
you need to straighten your legs when you do anything en pointe. Overall it was really good.
#9 good
that was really really good!

#8 good job
the choreography was weird in the beginning, but the rest was good for the most part. a very important part of this variation, (in my opinion) is the chaînés section going to the back corner. on the up beat, between the three section on these, you must open your leg to the front. sort of like a ta-da moment. it's hard to describe, but i would try youtubing videos ont this variation for inspiration. :-) also, make sure to turn out that passe!
#7 Where do you train? :)
You performed this variation quite well! Watch your leg in retire while doing your pique turns. You have beautifull height in your jumps, no wonder you got Pointe video of the month!
#6 great
i think it was a great effort as this isnt an easy dance to perform. i agree with some of the other comments but well done!
#5 Excellent!
Watch that your elbows in first position before first jete aren't sagging. Don't bend your knees in your chaines. Round your front arm in 3rd position (show presentation) in spot right before your diagonale. Other than that, beautiful jetes, great presentation, good technique. You have everything going for you. I'd give it a 4.6/5 -- Excellent stuff! Keep it up!!
#4 great
try to pull up your lefs like someone is pulling your tights up. also, dont look down..you are a beautiful dancer!

#3 Good Job...
You did a nice job overall, and had successful turns. One thing you should focus on is straightening your legs. They should be fully stretched when doing any variation. Also, you will have an even better stage presence if you don't look down so much. Nice Job, and keep dancing! :)
#2 Beautiful
I very much enjoyed watching this piece! Keep up the great work.... Do you have any more to post??
Ur back leg in ur jetes need to be straightened more and bottom leg in kicks also needs to be straight. Heels more off the ground in ur walks. U should work more on ur turnout especially on ur poses turns. TRy and make the routine stronger and add more energy ur kinda just floating through the routine without much care.
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