"Let it Be" Brittani Rooney and Allison Burke

Award winning lyrical duo choreographed by Brittani and Allison themselves.

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Overall rating: 4.8
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#43 amazing
u to look so good together and the dance was unbelieveabal good work post some more on here!!!
#42 Breathing
It was a really good dance and it was beautiful to see you both breathing together in the beginning.
#41 Wow!!!!!
That was AMAZING!!!!!!! Great timing and great partnering.......Great Job!!!!!
#40 omg...
that is such a beautiful dance...i love is perfect timing and everything...omg
This is simply amazing and your dancing took my breathe away.

#38 Beautiful
Great job girls!! The feeling and passion was undeniable and beautiful technique! Amazing choreography together as well =)
#37 ...woah...
Not only is the song beautiful and touching, you both took it and made it your own. I experienced everything from goosebumps to tears. Thank you for being such beautiful dancers.
#36 well
do not just stop the movement at the end of your toes. extend it further. pretty good though.
#35 great job guys
this is super in spiring
#34 Artist of song
the dance is to let it be from across the universe and is sung by Carol Woods & Timothy T. Mitchum

#33 Loved it
The choreography is amazing! You are both amazing dancers, except I think that you girls have weak arms on your turns. They don't have there shape and that kind of ruins the turns for me. And it is one of you more then the other. Otherwise the dance was amazing and I love it!
#32 This is...
AMAZING! I saw you on youtube in your chasing cars duet and used that to inspire a choreography for my qualification. Who is the artist of this song? its so so beautiful! xxxx Keep it up girles
#31 Saw you
Saw you do this at Starlight!
#30 Duo
This routine shows grace, emotion, control and great technique! Congratulations!
#29 Love
I love it the dress pretty great song

#28 So Emotional
You two gave me goose bumps - so emotional and expressive. The movements and the song are one! Thank you!
#27 Duo
What an amazing duo - love the song and the interpretation. You are so well matched!
#26 lovely
you two are wonderful :D
#25 amazing!
i agree with all these coments, you girls are wonderful!
#24 Girls
You are both so very beautiful - your technique is perfect!

#23 Just Beautiful
You two are like one - congratulations!
#22 Allison and Brittani
Saw you two at Starlight Nationals - you are such a great duo!! Love this song!
#21 Let It Be
A classy performance of an amazing song!
#20 Allison and Brittani
Where do you study dance? Your technique and emotion is excellent!
#19 Duo
Love this song and your beautiful interpreation!

#18 Chills
Wow! You two are such incredible dancers. This video gave me chills. You can tell both of you really love dancing and give it your all every time you get on stage. Great job!
#17 great!
i loved your energy. you really seemed enveloped in the music. i was amazed how well you were together, even when there was a pause in the music, and for a few moments you were dancing to silence. your dancing is great! you really compliment each other.
#16 Love this
Love Love Love this duo
#15 Great Job!
Talent + Talent = Lots of Talent!!!!
#14 Congratulations!
What a winning combination of talent! So graceful and so moving...

#13 Awesome
This is the best duo i have ever seen! Magical!
#12 Dream Duo
The two of you are like one! This gives me chills. Lovely.
#11 Let it Be
I was soo moved by your choice of music, your coreography and most of all by your dancing! Thanks for your beauty and expression!
#10 Love it!
#9 Incredible!!!!
Amazing girls, amazing dancers, amazing choreography, amazing song - what else can we say?? Loved it.

#8 Outstanding!!
These girls very gifted dancers. What a great routine!
#7 Brittani and Allison
Loved your performance and choreographing!! Beautiful girls and great dancing!
#5 Let it Be!
Incredible talent and teamwork. You are both beautiful.
#4 Allison & Brittani
Awesome!! Love the song & you both are incredible dancers!! Angie, Megan & Erica

#3 Good Stuff!
Go Team! This is awesome, perfecto!
#2 Brittani and Allison
Shut it!!!! The chemistry between you is undescribable!! Exquisite! Thanks for your obvious love of this art form called DANCE!!! wendy & julia
#1 wow
wow great dance you both give it all you pour your hearts out on that stage! i love this song!!!!!!! -mishell-
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