"Your Face" Brittani Rooney

Lyrical solo 2008

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Overall rating: 4.8
Votes: 125
599 points


#41 Expressions
I love your expressions. I can see your love of dance very clear :)
#40 Great.
It was awsome performence! would have been better in bear feet.
#39 amazing!
When i first watched this in november i thought you were amazing! And at the time i was really doubting my self in dance and whether to continue but your dancing really inspired me to keep on dancing! thank you so much and i hope your dreams come true! xoxo
#38 Very nice
I really enjoyed this one!
#37 wow
through out the whole dance your face was amazing. You are a really strong and confident dancer.You will (and probably already have) go really far in dancing. you are just beautiful.

#36 Awesome dancer!
I can tell you have been dancing a long time. You are really good.
#35 Brittani
This is really good too. But I like your jazz best.
#34 great
Another amazing performance from you
#33 Good!
You're an amazing dancer but just smile a little less-this is modern!
#32 Brittani
I like this one too...please post more.

#31 good job Brittani
Like this one
#30 Great!
Another great solo
#29 Love this solo
Good job Brittani
#28 nice!
I saw you dance at Starlight Nationals and you were amazing. Can't wait to see you next year.
#27 Awesome Brittani
Really really good

#26 Very Nice!
I just love this routine - it makes me want to get up and dance myself!
#25 Wow!
I realy appreciate your make me feel the song.
#24 Brittani
Brittani, you are such a beautiful dancer!
#23 Brittani
Wonderful - loved watching this; especially your turns!
#22 Beautiful
You turn so beautifully - love watching this!

#21 Brittani
You are a beautiful dancer!
#20 Always Something Special
Awesome!!! How appropriate are the words on the back drop. You'll ALWAYS be something SPECIAL to me! Love watching you develop into such a beautiful dancer. Keep up the hard work. You are one terrific dancer. Love you B-Ritt! :-)
Very inspiring....loved watching your performance.
#18 Fantastic!
You are an incredible dancer - we will be watching you...
#17 Inspiring
This is such a great song and I love your interpretation!

#16 GREAT!
So much emotion and great control!
#15 Great job!!
Brittani, excellent dancing!!! Enjoyed it a lot.....mucho talento!! Uncle Mike
#14 So We KNOW you can Dance
So much is said without words. A great performance.
#13 Our Star..
YOu are an amazing dancer and role model for our little girls. We all love watching you.
#12 Pretty!
I was at this competition! Your dance was beautiful! :)

#11 Brittani
Amazing!! I loved your performance! cousin Katie
#10 Brittani
Absolutely the BEST!
#9 Brittani Rooney Rocks!
What a talented dancer and beautiful performance.
#8 Brittani!!
#7 WOW!
What a beautiful dance, and even more beautiful dancer!

#6 Your Face
Perfection! Brings tears to my eyes!
#5 Brittani Rooney
Awesome!! The girls & I love to watch you dance! Good luck! Angie, Megan & Erica
#4 Wonderful
Great Performance. Lots of Talent here! Good Stuff!
#3 Brittani Rooney
BEAUTIFUL... as usual!!! Hope you are well! Wendy and Julia
#2 nice! : )
i saw you at branson top nationals i loved this dance! your control is great! -mishell-

#1 Rooney
Awesome Performance.
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