Take It (It's All Yours) - Kassandre Renee

Title: Take It (It's All Yours) Dancer: Kassandre Renee Choreographer: Kassandre Renee Music: Made for You by One Republic ... For More Info Check Out

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Overall rating: 3.6
Votes: 64
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#8 fake comments now haha
You are now making fake comments supporting you from your fake accounts started in November 09.. It's pretty obvious the lack of respect you have for DanceMedia and this contest.
#7 luck
good luck to you!
#6 never stop being you...
you dont pay any mind to these ignorant people... they do not know you so they cant possibly know what they are talkig about, theyre just lashing out for attention like most ignorant, immature people do when they dont get their way... never stop being you and never stop dancing! good luck!
#5 humble!
I love how hard you work, and that youre very humble and open minded! good luck!
#4 Hmm
I think it's great that you love dance & are proud but.. You've been posting for years & creating accounts for years voting for yourself. 181 views & 43 people voted?? All you're doing is taking away the chance for someone with real talent to get the "viewers choice", you are you're biggest fan. Just stop voting for yourself. You are not attractive, not talented and you are proud of your out of wedlock baby & 18 tattoos! NOT COVER MODEL MATERIAL! It's really sad you keep doing this.

#3 unique
very unique! i love your choreography, you always try to be different from everyone else, good luck!
#2 @sugafreed
@sugafreed ... not sure where this hostility is coming from but honestly I dont care, I focus on whats important and obviously you are not... my daughter is very happy and loves music, and dancing with me! and PS I HAVE 18 TATTOOS AND I LOVE EVERY ONE OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!
#1 Uh?
How many accounts do you have? The time you take to create accounts, vote for yourself & vote others down is very impressive. You should focus on your child. PS nice tattoo
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