en pionte again

me doing the moonwalk en pionte. just having fun practicing. hope you like it!

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#6 that is awesome
people ask why would you do this? Why not? Dance can be just for pure fun. it doesnt all have to have a point to it, dance can be just for the pure enjoyment of the dancer and audience watching it. i sure liked it, it was brilliant. Just remember *DANCERS CAN HAVE FUN SOMETIMES OR DO SOMETHING THAT DOESNT HAVE A POINT TO IT WHATSOEVER!!!!* GO HAVE FUN LIKE SHE DID!!! :)
#5 little bit awkward
first pointe shoes are for dancing not for moonwalking and playing around in, second why would someone do this??
#4 lol!
im gonna try that now!
#3 Nice
my sister does this all the time. kinda looks tho like your shoes are sorta hard, like your having some trouble getting to demi pointe
#2 Sweet!
That was really cool! I wish I could moonwalk in my pointe shoes... >.> Anyway, keep up the good work!

#1 huh??
i'm not sure why you would do this....
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