E:motion Dance Ensemble Contemporary pas de deux created on Tarah Finley & Jack Hansen

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Overall rating: 4.1
Votes: 14
58 points


#9 wonderful
that was beautiful!!!!!!!!!!1 you two got talent
#8 At last - a great new talent!!!
Fabulous! This choreographer is incredibly talented! I want to see more of her work!
#7 Great technique
I think that both dancers are beautiful technicians, and they did an amazing job. However, I think the choreography was boring, and there was no connection to it.
#6 great intensity
Aside from your excellent technique, Tarah, your focus (on him, on the audience, on your hand when you gesture, etc.) is really makes this piece intriguing to watch. Great!
#5 =O OMG!
This dance is soooo amazing one of the kicks that the guy did wasn't that strong but yeah It was soooo Goood and the girl in this vidio has really strong legs I just wanna say this was very interesting to watch

truly amazing
#3 wow
thats all i have to say!
#2 beautiful!!
you guys have gorgeous tecnique and rhythm!
#1 felicidades
me parece una excelente coreoggrafia me gusto mucho felicidades!!
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