Jayci Kalb

National Junior "Best Dancer" Female for The Dance Awards in New York 2011. Jayci is a company member at The Dance Centre in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

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Event: 2012 Dance Spirit Cover Model Search
Category: Performance
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#8 WOW
WOW....speechless....that was AMAZING :)
#7 Age
If you click on the link "2012 Dance Spirit Cover Model Search" next to Event in the information box for this video the age for the contest are listed... 15-25. Seems pretty clear. Great dance.
#6 Stunning!! I would VOTE for her!
I would love to see her on the cover. I looked and could not find any age restriction information on this site. If there is an age requirement it should be clearly displayed.
#5 great job!
I can't wait for the dance awards this year! I didn't realize she wasn't old enough until the previos comment! She dances very mature.
#4 Age?
She is stunning, but the age listed under the rules of the Cover Model search is 15.. She's 13 now I think? I'm not trying to take anything away from her but the rules are pretty clear. I know a lot of younger dancers that would enter this, but don't because of the age rule. I'm suprised Dance Media let this one slip. She's amazing will have her time for this contest when she's old enough. Just my opinion.

#3 You are beautiful!
Congratulations Jayci! Much love!
#2 Fabulous!!
Jayci, Fantastic! Congratulations!!!
#1 amazing!!
You are quite stunning, Jayci!! xoxo
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