en pionte

madi en pionte. only been en pionte for a couple of months... only contsructive criticism please... and thanks !

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#7 en pointe
it looks like to me that you aren't fully on your box of your pointe shoes when you went on pointe this first time in the video, but the second time looked really good! i wish you luck in those shoes~!!!!!!!! have fun and enjoy them
#6 Isn't pointe exciting!!!!
I can tell you love to be on pointe. Hopefully your love will take you far. I notice that you are back on your pinky toes instead of the first two toes. You want to correct that mistake before it becomes a habit that hinders your progress. Also, really work your upper body and turn out. Being on pointe is about total body engagement, not just using your feet to get up. I wish you the best. Take lots of class and enjoy yourself.
#5 Great start to pointe!
I just started a few montsh ago too! You are not fully on your box it seems. Rememeber that our second big toe is the center of our foot,not the middle toe. So lean more toward your big toe. Also break in your shoes more, by bending them on demi pointe. This way, it'll be easier to get fully on pointe, and it'll seem so much more secure. Practice asapas, susus, and releves!!! :)
#4 :D
Very Good Job!! Your doing very well for only being on pointe 4 a few months. U r doing very well rolling through ur box. Keep Up The Good Work. ntw i think we might have the same kind of pointe shoe (by the same company) bc they look ALOT like mine xD
#3 thanks!
but rae ballerina? can u recommend any spacific brand of pionte shoes?? thank you!

#2 en pointe
Hey girl! Well, definitely not bad! I think the vamps (the part on top of your toes and metetarsals)of your shoes are too long. And the shanks may be a little too hard for your first pair of shoes. Next pair, get a shorter vamp. it helps i promise. It'll also make it a lot easier to roll through your feet instead of collapsing down off pointe. And it'll be easier to get over your box. Nice work though :-) XOXOX -RaeBallerina
#1 en pointe
need to get over more on your big toes. keep up the hard work.
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