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My name is Mi'Shell I am 13 years old and love to dance. I hope you enjoy this lyrical as much as I enjoyed dancing it.

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#21 wow!
I loved it!!!
#20 i'm back
um after watching this a second time i see it is just a lot of running around and i am not trying to lower ur spirts or anything but seriously were is the emotion the dance improve your jumps your flexibility c'mon
#19 ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
it was good and i do the same song
#18 LOVED IT!!!!
Wow, ur amazing! I cant believe ur 13! keep doing what u love, so inspirational!!!
#17 ...
wow beautiful

#16 Like Great Art and Fine Wine
your dancing gets better with each passing day. You are the one who sets the bar for our Maddie and others to reach for. We hope our Maddie can reach that same level you have. Please continue to raise that bar Thanks Mi'Shell for the memories now and in to the future.
Your dancing is timeless and exquisite. Keep reaching. Don't give up. You are already a star!!!
You go girl!!! You get better every year!!! Wishing you all the best. You are going to the very top, I know it.
Beautiful ~
Great job. Beautiful lines

#11 Amazing
Hey i think i remember you. did you go to des moines? I was at top nationals this year too. & i was on the top starz. very talented!!! awesome job ;)
#10 dude!
that was awesome darlin', i've always loved watchin u dance! -*yellow_indie*
#9 I always listen...
Totally awesome and absolutely gorgeous! Way to be!
I really enjoyed this dance and dancer. Very talented, very promising future.
#7 rockin
this girl is rockin!!!!

#6 too cool
this is too cool. very awesome, have a great future in dance.
I got to see this dancer in person. She is very awesome and she is so young. She has a wonderful career ahead of her.
#4 wow
i've seen you good job
#3 Great
Great, Great, Great!
#2 Wonderful
Very wonderful. Great costuming and make-up, awesome interpretation. WOOOHOOOO!!!!!!

Go girl Great job this year. Have fun always
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