“Apologies” tells the story of two lovers trying to connect the disconnect between. The parters perpetually seek one another on their bed, but are unsuccessful even when they touch. "Apologies" is the second in a series of video podcasts. To view more or to subscribe, surf to www.flexicurve.com and click on "Podcast". There's an ocean of them waiting for you!

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Overall rating: 3.3
Votes: 3
10 points


#3 How can you not get it?
I loved this. It is dance, its a wonderful performance. I do think it was a little long. I loved the setting and the song and the simplicity of movement, focusing only on the upper body. It was really great.
#2 What?
What I dont get it!
#1 where the dance
i like the idea but get a little more dance dance in to it.
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