McKensey Struzik - Viva La Vida

McKensey Struzik Age 15. Studio Bleu Dance Center, VA. Choreographed by Justin Lewis.

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Event: 2012 Dance Spirit Cover Model Search
Category: Tap
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Overall rating: 4.8
Votes: 219
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#65 So fun!
So fun to see you doing something you love and are great at! :)
#64 You Are Great!
Lauren & I think you are just the bees knees! GREAT SMILE by the way :)
#63 loved it!
McKensey you never cease to amaze! Love the song and really loved your performance! So talented!
#62 SWAG
OHHAY GIRL. LOOKIN FINE. heehee love you, you're such a cutie!(:
#61 Sweet and Beautiful...

#60 Love her energy!
She radiates on the stage!
#59 Cover Girl Material
Who wouldn't want this beautiful talented girl to be their dance model?
#58 Talent!
Wow! What a great performance! Stage presence is awesome!
#57 Just Lovely!
What a beautiful performance!!
Absolutely lovely ... keep it up

Your an inspiration ... keep dancing
#54 Great Work!!
You go girl!! You are fabulous!
#53 smiling all the way through!
Talent and fun, make it enjoyable to watch her dance!
#52 Great Footwork
Wonderful job- very enjoyable to watch!
Looking forward to when we see you performing on the Broadway stage!

Your smile and stage presence is BEAUTIFUL. Keep up the good work.
#49 Big heart and bigger smile!
McKensey - what a wonderful job! I love to see you enjoying your greatest passion. Keep it up!
#48 Great toe-tapping!
Fantastic performance with obvious stage presence! Marvy!
#47 Impressive!!
Impressive dance
#46 Winner!
Beautiful girl!

#45 You're a star!!
Great Job McKensey!!!! :)
#44 Talented!!!!!
Top notch all the way!!
#43 Fantastic!
Amazing footwork and gorgeous smile! Angela G.
#42 YAY!!
You Go Girl!! You are AWESOME!
#41 luv u!!
Go McKensey!!! <3

#40 nice job
barbara johnson's husband
#39 Excellent
#38 Half Way to River Dance!
Your smile polishes the dance with enthusiasm.
#37 Excellent!
McKensy makes it look so easy!!
#36 Beautiful Smile
Great smile and dance moves!

#35 LOVE YOU!!!!!!
WHO DID THIS CHOREOGRAPHY!??!??! omg its amazing. Love You!!!!!! Goodluck
#34 Wow!
Excellent dancing...she's amazing! Plus she picked a great song to dance to!
#33 Amazing
Amazing foot work, great performer and wonderful talent.
#32 McKensey Stuzik Tapper
What a talented young lady! Her tap technique is flawless and so is her performance. What amazing choreography. So glad to see a fabulous tapper would be represented!
#31 Maturity beyond her age!
McKensey seems very talented for being 15 years old. She has great potential for future dance opportunities.

#30 McKensey Struzik
Very fun to watch!
#29 So Grown Up
Wonderful dancing.
You GO girl! Some fine footwork and well placed poise.
#27 Modest is Hottest
Nice job girl!!!!!!! Like the modest outfit and fun sassy moves
#26 Way to Go!
Hey, I told you she was talented!!

#25 Impressive!
Nicely done. At 15, I was terrified to get up in front of church to make an announcement. Poise!
#24 Awesome :]
Great, great job, McKensey - you are so talented!
#23 Love the music
McKensey, We loved the music. We think your ready for.........Dancing with the Stars!! Susan & Bob Bray
#22 Sweet Face, Fancy Feet
Enjoyed watching with my girls, cute outfit, sweet face
#21 excellent!
Good job, McKensey

#20 Excellent tapper
Good job, McKensey, Someday I can say I knew you when....:)
#19 Fantastic
Fun to watch.
#18 Love tap!
Wow, great job McKensey!
#17 Very Entertaining!
Great job McKensey. You look like you're having fun!
#16 Amazing!!
She has amazing style and grace!!

#15 A tap dacing model
Not too many of those out there. Her presence is like the sun!!!!!!!!!
#14 Wonderful!
Keep up the great work McKensey! Your stage presence is awesome...not to mention the great footwork.
#13 You go girl!
#12 Wow!
Very impressive performance!
#11 So much poise
This young lady has so much poise and captivates with her beautiful smile and obvious love of dancing.

#10 She reminds me of an American Girl Doll
Amazing footwork, such grace and style, all the while making it look so easy and fun! IF you have ever tapped, you know it's not that easy as she makes it look!
great routine, technically and performance-wise! :)
#8 Great stage presence
Great smile and awesome dance. Gotta love it.
amazing dancer!! gorgeous girl!!
#6 Amazing!
An amazing energetic performance. You can truly tell that she loves tapping and has fun while she is on stage.

#5 Having Fun!
Love that smile! Can tell you're having fun!!
#4 overall
music was good, nice choreo, great dance
#3 watch again
Slow starting song picks up to a great dance routine
#2 Fancy stepping
Some pretty fast and fancy stepping by a nice, young beauty.
#1 Fabulous Footwork!
Great performance by a very talented young lady!
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