Waiting For A Train

SYNOPSIS Two women grapple with the tension of a deteriorating relationship, increasingly unable to connect. Waiting For A Train utilizes symmetry, contrast and dissonant movement to explore themes of conflict – and intense yearning for comfort. Choreographers: Amy Wilson, Marlee Cook-Parrott Dancers: Amy Wilson, Marlee Cook-Parrott Director: Seth Thompson Music: Everyday Pompeii DIRECTOR’S NOTES (Seth Thompson) We originally shot Waiting For A Train for the 2011 Trip The Light event (an event that pairs choreographers with local musicians playing original music) in Grand Rapids, MI. Despite never having shot a video like this before, I knew I wanted something that was more than just a record of a performance. We needed to feel the humanity of the dancers; I thought of the project as though we were shooting a silent film. Not being a dancer myself, my direction consisted mainly of recognizing when the movement was or was not authentic. We were all operating beyond our comfort zone, and Amy and Marlee just really came through with performances that could be felt.

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