Aaron Miller

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#6 loved it
You had great feeling put into it! Way to go!
#5 great choreography
I really liked this. The only thing, and I guess it isn't really incorrect, is it could have been better if you would've really stretched your arms and legs. Other than that, It was wonderful.
#4 :)
i really liked this dance.. just watch out for the little details like pointing your feet and keeping you legs straight on the leaps. Good Job
#3 very nice!
all you need is a litlle more control with your arms, but otherwise its a very good routine! you showed a lot of emotion and i liked it! keep up the great work and nice tecnique!
#2 Very moving
Love seeing a guy dance. You are on your way young man. I see great things coming your way.

#1 awesome dancer
I love when guys dance, it is so much fun to watch especially when they are as good as you. I would say great jumps but work on your pirouettes. I love the song choice and you should work with songs like it because you put a lot of emotion into it. Great Job!!!
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