Just Freestyle

This is a video of me freestyling to the "'Bout It" instrumental from the Step Up movie (the showcase song).

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Event: 2009 Dance Spirit Cover Model Search
Category: General
Keywords: freestyle hip hop bout it yug joc ballet improvisation "bout it" outside
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Overall rating: 1.6
Votes: 7
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#5 Okay...
The choreography was good, but you should put more energy into your performance. This was okay, but it could be great. Keep at it!
#4 beginning
your freestyle needs to be so much cuter and fun because its just like okay.... uhhh did she forget the dance or somethin??? lol. so freestyle
omg that was really cute but your energy level was like 0. when your energy is 0, its just movement and if you really pop out at the audience it would be so much more exciting. and your looking down the whole time because that shows major insecurity. so.. work on that. and show your face
#2 Nice choreography
Luv the music to!I think to make it better when u dance keep ur hair out of your face cause we cant see if ur getting into it or theres passion when u dance. Keep on dancin
#1 Bigger Movements
I would like to see your movements be bigger, and have more feeling. This music is very full and passionate, it just needs a little bit more. The choreography wasn’t bad though, keep working on it!
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