It Ends Tonight

Ronnie Treadway

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Overall rating: 4.2
Votes: 14
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#7 Okay.
Yeah, it is nice to see a guy dancing but if it was a girl who did this dance the same way we would be as nice?
#6 neat
I thought it was pretty neat. You might want to put more feeling into your dancing, that helped me a lot! Point your toes!!! Great job!
#5 cool
um just to say im pretty sure the teacher told him to do it on flat foot for his pirouttes. but any hew i havent been to ADA since 2nd grade and were going again this year so hope to see you there!! Keep practicing!!
#4 nice.
you were pretty good. keep practicing!
#3 okay
im sorry but i dont really like your pirouettes where on flat foot and werent that great and that costume really dosnt go....

#2 Nice to see young men dancing
If you were to really put your mind to giving this number your all it would be outstanding. This is a very talented young man.
#1 flat
i hate to be negative... but you did most of your pirouettes flat footed specifically the ones that were down stage right so work on staying up as high into your relevé as you can and also make sure you really stretch your foot as it comes around in your fouetté turns
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