It Ends Tonight

ROnnie Treadway Performing It Ends Tonight

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Overall rating: 3.7
Votes: 14
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#7 Good, but too many turns!
You have wonderful potential, but just cool it with the turns. Even so, you have amazing talent! Keep it up!
#6 keep practicing
There is a lot of potential in you......i see it. Point your toes and quit it with the turns,though I see that may be your strong ability. Practice other things like leaps,the one that you did to the back was a little weak. And you might wanna wear something a bit more suited to dance in.
#5 Turning and Turning and Turning oh MY!
So many turns bud! what's going on? a good routine needs more to it than just a thousand good fourtes...all though those were phenomenal :)
#4 technique!!
You need to work on your releve in turns! keep working in ballet class on technique. A clean turn is much better than many with poor technique.
#3 Nice Job
Keep dancing. It isn't everyday you see a young man with this kid of talent. You always see girls but everyone needs to give these guys a break. They are there and they are doing it and I bet they take a lot of crap for doing it. Thanks guys for the talent.

#2 eh
ew kid youre turning on your heel and you need to releve and use your center to hold you up..also there is not alot of choreography and you needa keep workin !
#1 Turns
Young man....There are sooooo many turns in this dance and you are turning on your heel! Where is your releve? Keep working!
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