The Park

"The Park" portrays a picture of a young woman with a perfect story in her head. A perfect day, a perfect guy and a perfect life. She thinks about this daydream often because it is the fairytale that she longs for. In reality she knows that the guy she is with is not who she thought he was and he will only break her heart. With the love and support of her friends, she realizes that it is the idea of the daydream she is love with and not him. Who says fairytales can’t come day she will find her Prince Charming. Maybe fate will introduce them at “The Park”.

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Overall rating: 4.6
Votes: 34
156 points


#4 Amazing
Everything is perfect. The dancers are great, so is the coreography, and you can really see the story in the piece! GREAT!!!!:)
This dance routine is stunning. The choreography is awesome. Well done. These girls are amazing. They are very talented. Keep up the great work!
This dance piece is so beautiful. I love what this dance is about and the story behind the choreography. The prop is amazing and its used so well throughout the whole dance. AMAZING JOB,WELL DONE LADIES, YOU CAN TELL SO MUCH TIME AND EFFORT WAS PUT IN TO THIS PIECE AND ALL THE DIFFERENT MOVEMENTS, ps..all the dances put up are all so differnt LOVEE ITTT KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!
#1 Wow!!
Looks amazing!! Feel the love and inspiration!! Way to go!!
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