Impossible Dream

This is a ballet dance I choerographed for the May Fair 2008.

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#7 Wow!
You are an amazing dancer! Keep it up! Marvelous choreography.
#6 thanks
thanks :)
#5 Good
I think that you have a lot of potential to be a great dancer. I also think that this particular piece lacked content, but in the movement you did do, you were very graceful. Choreography doesn't come easy to everyone. Overall, I think you did a very pretty job. Keep studying.
#4 actually...
I think you mean "contemporary" ballet, but thanks for your comments:)
#3 actually
it would be more comtemporary, but your very graceful.yet keep your toes pointed. :D

#2 thanks
thanks for your comments :)
#1 Great
This is very artistic and pretty keep dancing and work on turnout
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