To step outside of the box, that was my intent with this piece. I took my background in contemporary, ballet, hip hop and even tap, and let each one inspire the other to create a different texture. Using the technique of ballet, the accents of hip hop, and the musicality of a tap dancer, each dance form came together with what is my interpretation of contemporary movement. It is my dream to one day have a show that allows each dance form to truly perform with the other. To bring each world of dance together.

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Overall rating: 4.7
Votes: 12
56 points


#5 Love it!
Great musicality, unity...just everything!
#4 Premiere Dance Center Rocks
#3 They are definitely on a MISSION
So syncronized!!!! Your work is breathtaking.
Um, this is dope!
#1 Holy musicality, Batman!
Love the textures and sensitivity to the subtleties in the music. Nice to see such creative choreography!
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