Sleeping Assignments

Dancers: Billy Bell and Tayler Fay Choreography: Billy Bell and Tayler Fay Music: Brothers on a Hotel Bed by Death Cab for Cutie We are both 18 and danced at absolute dance of wellington.

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Overall rating: 4.7
Votes: 40
188 points


#20 beautiful
this is my favorite dance ever!!!!!
#19 A Beautiful Story
This dance eloquently expresses the complications of love. I am delighted to see choreography that so clearly tells a story. And I am also delilghted by the technical prowess that showed that beautiful story.
#18 Yay
this piece was well thought out and put together, good job
tht was just outstanding i luv how the girl and boy had great chemistry and were so fluid with there movments going all out never being shy. great job!
#16 great!!!
I adore this piece, just the movements of the beds being pulled toegther and apart, its such a great concept. I loved the choreography, this is what dance is about id pay to see this. thank you.

#15 Teamwork
Great job working together to make this fabulous!!
#14 good example
what an awesome portrayal of the versatility of a simple stage prop! i'm glad they used the beds without relying on them or insinuating something sexual. it really displayed the strengths of both dancers to their fullest ability, and there was nothing showy to cover up flaws. it was raw and interesting. I LOVED IT.
#13 Hall
Hall of fame rules
#12 wow...........
That was amazing. I loved how the 2 dancers were doing seperate movements, and then all of the sudden something was the same. Both of you were absolutely wonderful, especially the guy. Fantastic Job!!!!!!!
#11 wow!!
SO nice all I can say is wow!!! Nice job!!

#10 Beautiful
This was a beautiful dance.
#9 good job!
The dance was good but you had no emotion. If you put more emotion into it, it would tell a really great story. Very well executed. Good job!
#8 sad
but good i will miss you both
#7 hhhmmm
the choreography was very nice and to the most. . . well executed. The only thing I really kept thinking though, was why does he stay in "character", and she fades in and out. I`m curious of the feelings that were to be portrayed, because they didn`t match. . . nice job over-all.
#6 Substance
Choreography needs more substance...

#5 incredible
what a beautiful story. -Brandi
#4 my god...
i love you both. that was incredible.
#3 amazing!
i love how well choerographed it is! especially without putting in "skills" .. no fouettes. no leaps. nothing showy, just dance
#2 Well Done!
It must have been tough dancing on a bed, but you made it look effortless. Well done!
#1 nice work!
love the concept, nice movement quality by these dancers - congrats on a job well done!
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