Falling Awake

Dancer: Billy Bell Choreography: Billy Bell Music: Falling Awake by Gary Jules This solo is about a constant struggle with a natural instinct in humans: to mess up something that is perfectly fine.

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Overall rating: 3.4
Votes: 274
920 points


#57 Fantastic!
That was brilliant! you're such an interesting dancer!
#56 The Best
To late to vote but not to late say ur the best...
#55 so good!
Wow, you're so inspiring! I can't stop watching this, it's stunning.
#54 that's just the way it goes...
and you will go so far. Beautiful, honest dancing. Good luck! I voted 5.
#53 fantastic
you are fantastic!!! you will rise to the top, can't wait to see it. this dance is wonderful. miss you. you make us all want to dance.

#52 falling awake
billy you are a wonderful dancer, you bring tears to our eyes, so much emotion and love. can't wait to see what your future holds for you. keep up the amazing work.
#51 you make me want to pee my pants sometim
work, bitch, worrrrrrk. the above subject statement is true too. bahahah love you bubby.
#50 brilliance
so original. very clear and organic. no glitz no glamour no showcasing. just pure beauty and aesthetics. wonderful =]
especially for this contest! Billy i really hope you win this man!!!! love you!!!!!!!!!
i hope you win sooo badly !!!!!!!

#47 AHHH!!
Billy you are such an amazing dancer!!
#46 wow
amazing choerography!!!! i love love love the extension at the end .. and you saved it to pull it off!
dear billy, mama jan jan loves you so much. and i never get tired of that or your dancing. im so happy you took everything that i've taught you and you've almost come close enough to being as good as me. honestly you serve tha kids everytime and thats why we have obesity in america. my little fat hoe, im so proud.
#44 BILLY!!!
he is so well rounded ! and so nice !
#43 Whoa!
your the best! hope you win! :)

haha you are amazing as usual and i will miss you while your at juliard :(
#41 WOW!
Love it! You're an amazing dancer.
#40 sick
your sick Billy Bell! you better win!
#39 U R GREAT!!
Wow,Billy you are an amazing dancer and i will miss you at the studio, have fun at Juilliard!You will always do great
#38 Amazing!!!!!
Amazing is all I can say. Can't wait to see you and Sammie O in New York. Good Luck! We will miss you!

#37 This Dance is 5
We vote 5
#36 AWESOME>>As Always!
Billy, we will miss watching you dance at Absolute dance. The Shinn family
#35 Great job!
Love to watch you dance!
#34 Amazing!!
Amaing billy love watching u dance :)
#33 WOW!!!!
Billy, You are amazing.Good Luck at Julliard. I know you will be a great success. :)

#32 My Baby!
Dancing is your passion, keep following your dreams! Your #1 fan. Love Mom
#31 OMG!!! U R SOO GOOD!
u r sooo good....if u ever stop dancing the whole world would DIE!!=)
#30 Makes me want to dance
Billy you make me want to dance again, this is wonderful. Best wishes at Julliard and I hope to see you dance in person again soon! Love, Kathleen
you make me so happy! every time i was this video, i get chills! i wish that we were back in miami and everything was as it was! i miss that week! i love you and you are amazingly incredible! i'll see you in a few weeks.
#28 Billlyy
Billy u are fabulouse!!I love it and i hope u win!!

#27 i love you
Billy, I am in love with you. Since NFAA arts week, i have never ceased to be amazed by you. I love your dedication to your art. you have one of the most powerful and passionate stage presences i have ever experienced. I am so honored to know you. i pray for your continued growth and success.
#26 Well Done!!
Well Done Billy!
#25 lovely coreography, and also..
your weave looks amazing in this video.
#24 splendiferous
hey, future juiiliard classmate :D i'm amazed by how much control you have! i can't wait to watch you in classes and work with you for the next 4 years! good luck in the contest!
#23 <3
I met Billy a couple years ago at a competition and he gets better and better every time i see him. His Choreography is always so creative!

You're so amazing it kills me! Your mom showed us this when they were up here! You deserve this SO much! Miss ya! -Kara
#21 my hero
the crazy thing is that not only can he execute flawlessly, but every single move is his own. he choreographed it all himself, and then executed perfectly.
#20 WOO!
Yay Billy! That's an amazing solo!
#19 billy bell is my hero.
i know him. i really do. and he's as incredible in person.
#18 insane
you're so amaziing...gave me chills

#17 You give me chills!!!
You are absolutely lovely to watch. You are such a beautiful and talented dancer. You will go very far and I am proud to say that my son has had the oportunity to work with you and learn from you. I wish you the best and you deserve to win this competition.
Billy bell is amazing....
#15 absolutely amazing
o my gosh your really good i mean great!!!! that was awesome!
#14 by the way
i hate you jk get for real and hey whats happening in your life good luck!!!!!
#13 billllllyy!
ahhh billiam bell this is why i love you:)))

#12 billy
your AMAZING! enough said
#11 fabulous!
Hey Billy! You're still fabulous!
#10 so proud
I'm so proud to be your dad!
#9 LOOOOVE IT more than skittles
the fluidity of some of your movements are amazing, I love watching you -V
#8 Love IT!
Billy, you are an amazing dancer and choreographer! You know we love you and know you'll go far with everything you are an inspiration to all of us!

Thank you to everyone who watched, commented, and voted!
#6 ahhhhmazing!
ohmygosh billy you're ahhhhhmazing!!
#5 wow
love it!!!
#4 so good
billy bell! youre absolutely brilliant and inspiring, i love watching you dance ! <3
#3 spelling!
I meant watching this and thank you! haha anyways, well done!

#2 Amazing!
I just keep watching thing! Its breath taking, that you for posting it!
#1 o wow!
your amazing!!! very very very....well done!!! i love that kind of dance. a person could get on stage and do a million turns and i wouldnt like it but someone like you could just get up there and make a run or hand movement look so hard but amazing and wounderful very very well done!!!
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