Motzart Serenade Movement III

My first ballet performance with the Elite Dance Academy.

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Overall rating: 2.4
Votes: 8
19 points


#9 Good!
This was pretty good. the only thing you need to work on is watching eachother, otherwise really good!
#8 really?
i thought that i looked like you all tried your best and really put all u had into it.......there were mistakes, but thats ok..mistakes help u in the future but as for u coolkenz6.....the size of the dancer has nothing to do wiht their ability..and that is y you comment to tell them their fat...u comment to help them improve themsleves....and im sure ur not perfectally skinny so dont talk
#7 coolkenz6
the two leads are most likely better dancers than you.:(
#6 Uhh
The too leads are fat and made a couple mistakes and its not completly clean but its a good overall routine...reharse more
#5 Keep it up!
I'm really not a fan of the negativity. Keep up the good work, there are a few things to work on, but I’m sure you know what they are. Well Done

#4 not very good
have you guys ever heard of turnout, dancing as a group as opposed to indeviduals and tecnique??????????????? was terrible
#3 Hmmm...
I think that the choreography was done well. However, the timing of the dancers looked kind of off. The movement was also kind of choppy. It also looked like each of the dancers were trying to do their own thing instead of looking unified. Overall, the performance was decent.
#2 dont listen to that girl
this is great
#1 Good Choreography
I watched all the dances. All are good except this ballet. Sorry. I couldn't see any technique at all. Did you point your toes? Many uncleaned steps. How old are you girls? For all others dances are pretty good. Thank you. Only this ballet, wasting the good choregraphy.
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