Alicia - DoLLz

Hip Hop Group ages 14 - 18 Choreographed by Lolo Bink

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Overall rating: 4.8
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#9 Go girls!
Loved it! Super entertaining and I love the committment to character every dancer has. I totally get that you're dolls/puppets. Great attitude from each and every dancer. Loved the costumes and the choreography! A really fun dance and really fun to watch :) great job!
#8 wow!!!!!!!
I had to watch this so many times..... I love this dance!!!!!!!! Everyone did a great job and it was awesome choreography!!
#7 =]
Wow i love this video...great idea! Looks like a lot of fun....keep up the good work! =]
#6 i loved it
that was such an entertaining dance!
#5 haha
i voted a 5 for you guys yall are having fun thats awesome

#4 Thank you!!
As for the costumes we are suppose to be dolls like marianettes or the dolls in the jewelry boxes only funkier
#3 Cute
Great choreography. I don't get the costumes though.
#2 !!!!!
i love this dance!
#1 haha
this is ah-mazing witch are you
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