Memoryhouse (excerpt)

Choreography by Marquet K. Lee Performed by Chuck Jones, Timothy Stickney, Anne Souder, Derek Ege, Kile Hotchkiss, and Casey Gonzalez Music by Max Richter "I’ve always found it interesting how memories work: How something as physical as a car or intangible as a smell can trigger a distinct memory that may have happened 15 years prior to the trigger. Also, how one could be in a room with 10 other people for a period of time yet everyone can have a different recollection of what happened in that very room. They may all agree on what generally occurred, but some caught certain details that others may not have. It intrigues me how the experience in that room could be totally different from person to person emotionally as well. The happenings of that room may have excited some and angered others or inspired the majority and depressed one. Memories seem to be driven by disposition or emotion because at the end of the day memories are a matter of perception based on emotion. 'Memoryhouse' is my exploration of my observations of the way memories work. With the help of six dancers I investigated how space and emotion affect memories. The idea is that there is a house; an empty one physically but it is weighted with an assortment of memories. I want to invoke the emptiness of an abandoned house yet show how the memories have accumulated and are the permanent inhabitants. The inhabitants will take physical form in the dancers. Some of the memories coincide and some don’t. "

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2011
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