Undone, Allison Burke

Allison Burke, 1st Place Soloist, 2008 Hall of Fame, Ft. Worth/Dallas, TX; Modern Dance: "Undone"

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Event: 2009 Dance Spirit Cover Model Search
Category: Modern
Keywords: Allison Burke Undone Modern Hall of Fame solo contemporary 2008 dallas, tx
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Overall rating: 4.7
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#94 truly cool!!
i loved that style of dance! very entertaining!
#93 cool moves
i love the choppy/modern sstyle of this was great to watch
#92 amazing.
you're amazing. you actually have technique...which is something that a lot of people lack.
#91 Lovely
You have incredible control and power...i love the breaths you use in your movement. amazing execution, i hope you're planning on pursuing dance further in your education. good luck!
#90 wonderful
you are a great dancer. wonderful technique

#89 !
Whoaa. amaazing.
#88 AGAIN!!
Had to come check out your dance again. Been a few months since I first commented, but had to comment again. You bring tears to my eyes. You are beyond a gifted dance. You are a true interpretive artist!! And, your strength... holey cow, girl!!! We love you and can't wait to see you this season! Wendy and Julia
#87 Allison Burke
Wow girl that was rele good. i liked how the movement was perfect in an imperfect way. great job
#86 Allison
Great movement and interpretation - watched it several times! Good Luck - you are the one to beat!
#85 Hall of fame
I dance at hall of fame for a compitoince Im with Fusion a dance company level two

#84 Allison
Allison - love to watch you on youtube! You are an incredible talent - great performances!
#83 Beautiful
I know, I love this dance - she is amazing! The song is by Jason Mraz and it is called "Unravelled".
#82 beautiful
this dance is amazing, the choreography is just perfect. you also express emotion very well in this dance. p.s. it would be really awesome if you could just tell everyone who the song is by, ive been searching the internet like crazy to find it but i cant! so please let us all know, cuz the song is awesome. that wld b just super thnx =]
#81 amazing
this is soo great i want to do dances like this!! by the way, whats the name of this song?? also does anyone know any good dance studios for teens in the L.A. area for lyrical/contemporary dances?
#80 A FAN
ummm im not sure if you even remember me,...but we met a couple years ago at the west coast convention in the teen room on the south corner at the water table. you were thirsty and i poured you a cup...(you were working so hard out there). well i uh just wanted to say thank you for helping me with my hinge. and i think youre amazing. im stalking you like a weirdo. -rachael grace

#79 Allison
You're great! Best wishes!
#78 Allison
Love the way you express yourself through the movement - your technique is excellent. Good Luck!
#77 Awesome Spectacular Dancer
You Rock!!!!
#76 Allison
Love this song - you are amazing!
#75 Allison
My daughter is inspired by your awesome talent!!!

#74 Allison
You will go so far... cant wait to see you perform in person!
#73 Allison
bellisma que talento wow
#72 Allison
You are so entertaining!
#71 Allison
Allison, All the best - we love to watch you dance on UTUBE!! Janis
#70 Love This
Just love this song and the choreography - such strong emotion!

#69 Allison
Allison - saw you at Starlight Nationals! You are amazing - best of luck!
#68 Thank You
Great job - you are a very expressive dancer who makes the most of each dance moment
#67 Excellent
Loved this - who is the song by?
#66 You are good!
This was a very facinating interpretation - loved watching it!
#65 Loved It!
This was so entertaining! Love the music and the movements - great musicality!

#64 Allison
You dance with such grace and intensity - who was the choreographer? Really love this dance!
#63 WOW!
What talent you have.....loved watching this solo.
#62 Fantastic!
I am blown away! This incredible performance burns with the passion that only a gifted artist can convey. Love, pride, and big-time props from Pete Burke, not just an uncle but a new fan. Congratulations!
#61 Allison
This was an absolute pleasure to watch - so incredible.
#60 Incredible!
You are so focused and intense - I have watched this video over and over!

#59 WOW
Great interpretation - you are the one to watch
#58 The Apple Does Not Fall Far From the Tre
A true story teller
#57 Allison Burke
Very impressive, beautiful interpretation
#56 Allison Burke
Very impressive.
#55 Allison Burke
Your performance is amazing. What great talent you have! Kathy Parry

#54 Allison Burke
Allison, We're so proud of your artistry and hard work. Wow! You are dazzling! Love always, Aunt Peg, Uncle Randy, Hannah and Rachel
#53 Allison Burke
First time I have had a chance to see you dance, AWSOME!!! Steve Parry
#52 Allison Burke
Emily and I so enjoyed watching you! You interpreted that song with grace and intensity ~ just beautiful. We were in awe. You've worked hard ~ We think you deserve the front cover! Good Luck!
#51 Allison Burke
#50 Allison Burke
Wow. What a graceful, beautiful performance. Well done!

#49 Allison Burke
Awesome performance!
#48 Allison Burke
Very unique dance style requiring a lot of concentration. Great job!
#47 Alloison Burke
Very nicely done. She should win first place
#46 Allison Burke
Absolutely beautiful!
#45 Allison Burke
Very expressive and beautiful. You can tell that you dance from your soul!!!!

#44 Allison Burke
Not a type of dance I am familiar with, but she was great! There is a lot of life in her dance.
#43 Allison Burke
That was a beautiful performance!
#42 Allison Burke
#41 Undone
Truly wonderful - great emotion
#40 Allison Burke
Girl, you bless our socks off!!!! Your dancing is a joy to watch. You are amazing and we can't wait to see more!!!! Wendy and Julia Monte

#39 Allison Burke
WOW! Amazing!
#38 Allison Burke
Amazing....a flawless persormance...Loved it!
#37 Allison Burke
Allison we love watching you dance. You are an awesome dancer!! The girls look up too you & you are a good role model for younger dancers! Good luck!! Angie, Megan & Erica
#36 Allison Burke
#35 Allison Burke
We love watching you dance! You dance with so much passion. Good Luck! Dee and Allie Jo

#34 Allison Burke
Great job!! Brooke T.'s mom!
#33 Allison Burke
Awesome Job and Congrats on 1st place! Hopper's mom
#32 Allison Burke
You are a magnificent dancer! What a joy to watch.....We will be watching for bigger things in your future. PB and DB
#31 Allison Burke
You rock!! Keep it up! Chris, Jen, Lindsey, Turner
#30 Allison Burke
I loved your interpretation of the music! What a great routine. You're very talented and a lot of fun to watch. Good luck! Renee Hums

#29 Allison Burke
Fabulous Dancer- Enjoyed every minute!!
#28 Allison Burke
You are amazing and beautiful! Love, Aunt Dana
#27 Allison Burke
Wow Allison!! You are an AMAZING and TALENTED dancer!!! See you at Frankfort!! Good Luck and God Bless!! - Aunt Sally, Uncle Mike & Salina
#26 Allison Burke
Amazing! Good luck. The Olsons
#25 Allison Burke
You are very lovely and so have a very bright future!! Janet Carr

#24 Allison Burke
If I had just 1% of your talent I would feel fantastic.
#23 Allison Burke
Fantastic---Keep up the good dancing! Love Aunt Fran
#22 Allison Burke
Amazing strength and artistry. Good luck & God Bless-Aunt Bonnie & Uncle John
#21 Wonderful!
Amazing how you can move like that! Uncle Carl
#20 Allison Burke
Exceptional talent with tasteful presentation

That was fantastic!!!!Best Wishes!! The Washingtons
#18 Allison Burke
Allison- you dance with such grace- I was mesmerized by your performance!!! very Happy you- Aunt Jen shared. Linda
#17 Allison Burke
What a beautiful, creative dancer. I loved the way you move with the music!
#16 Allison Burke
Amazing!!!! You are awesome! Very best wishes, Love, Aunt Lisa
#15 Allison Burke
Way to go Allison!

#14 allison burke
Allison, your dancing is as beautiful as your spirit.
#13 Allison Burke
You are fantastic! Beautiful and incredible talent.
#12 Allison Burke
Allison, you look and dance beautifully! I was mesmerized! Keep dancing! Linda Konke
#11 Allison Burke
Spectacular, looking forward to your next dance routine!
#10 Allison Burke
Excellent Job Allison!! Your technique is incredible. Meredith Marrs

#9 Allison Burke
Dream big Allison - you can do anything! Sherry Joplin
#8 Allison Burke
Great job Allison - you are so beautiful and talented - I know your mom and dad must be proud...Gerry Messer
#7 Allison Burke
Allison - you continue to amaze! Laura and Keith
#6 Allison Burke
How awesome you are. What a gift you have. I am so proud of you. Pat Frazier
#5 Allison Burke
Allison - can I have your autograph - you're amazing. Great job - Deanna Ross

#4 Allison Burke
She could win "So You Think You Can Dance" Sharon Taylor
#3 Allison Burke
That was Awesome Allison!! You have our support! God Bless! Jr & Julie Alvarado
#2 Allison Burke
wow pretty impressive
#1 Allison Burke
she is amazing... the routine is spectacular... she is flawless
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