Variation from Paquita

Shannon Evans

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Event: 2009 Dance Spirit Cover Model Search
Category: Ballet
Keywords: Shannon Evans pointe solo ballet paquita variation performance
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Overall rating: 1.8
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#7 Pacquita sharpness
you need to be a litle more sharp and flashy for pacquita and dont wear a dark leotard with a lite romantic skirt the audience can see under the skirt and that is never pleasant. good job mostly
#6 lovely
i do agree onthe comments about posture. however ithought you were light on your feet and i enjoyed your performance
#5 Posture
The main thing I saw was your posture. It would really help your dancing if you focused on aligning your neck directly over your back, instead of it being forward so much. Also, try to rotate your shoulders back. This will create a much more confident presence on stage.
#4 5th!
make sure that your in between steps are clean and if you end in 5th it is a true closed 5th
#3 also
Work on turnout and poting feet a bit more very clean and good

#2 Very
Very quick and beautifuil very clean..keep dancing
#1 lovely
very lyrical! (could be danced sharper, though, for Paquita...) the one thing that you really have to work on to to reach perfection is your shoulders/back. Don't hunch! in vaganova technique, teachers actually tell you to PINCH your shoulder blades together, BACK and DOWN. Otherwise, your performance was a treat :)
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